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Live, Interactive Webinar:
National Exchange Club Sponsored Cyber-Bullying and Sexting Investigations with Appropriate Consequences
August 9th, 2019 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Central Time (US and Canada)
Cyber-Bullying and Sexting Investigations with Appropriate Consequences

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Time Allotted:

(8) Eight Hours

Target Group:

Law Enforcement, School Administrators, Patrol Officers, Detectives, Probation and States Attorney’s


Detective Richard Wistocki

Method of Instruction:

Webinar - Wired connection preferred

Items / Materials:

A variety of investigation specific files delivered via download


E-Agency, Teen Safe, Web Watcher, Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Undercover Operations, Illinois Juvenile Court Act of 2000, NCMEC (CVIP)

Instructional Goal:

We must train School Administrators and School Resource Officers to identify and save children exploited and abused by others online.

The National Exchange Club has partnered with Det. Richard Wistocki and Be Sure Consulting Training to sponsor his cutting edge LIVE INTERACTIVE WEBINAR training.

The local Exchange Club in your community can sponsor (fully fund) one or more representative of your school or Police Department for this this 7 hour live Online training, fully covering the cost.  If you do not have a local Exchange Club, or if you would like to have additional staff attend the discounted Exchange Club rate is only 100.00 per registration.  This provides invaluable training on the latest methods to protect our children Online.

Instructional Objectives:

  • We will examine current Cyber-Bullying Laws and New Sexting Laws that protect our students from becoming sex offenders.

  • Examine and understand the Laws of Possession, Manufacture and Distribution of Child Pornography, Harmful Material and Obscenity.

  • Learn how to appropriately institute consequences for this behavior using Juvenile Justice, Diversion and Restorative Justice Methodology.

  • Discover effective student Diversion programs and methods to be used by police departments and/or school districts.

  • School Administrators and Law Enforcement will learn to investigate and process students/juveniles in a diversion program to ensure their "Mistake" will NOT affect their digital footprint.

  • We will learn the protocol's of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) on how to deal with the pictures and videos that were sent and secure them effectively.

Live, Interactive Webinar: Patrol Officer Response to Internet Crime

This class is discounted for 3 or more from same agency.

Time Allotted:

Eight Hours  (6-8 hour Webinar)

Target Group:

Patrol Officers, Detectives, Resource Officers, Probation and States Attorney’s


Detective Richard Wistocki, Naperville Police Department

Method of Instruction:

Computer Lab and Class Room

Items / Materials:

A variety of investigation specific files delivered via download

Instructional Goal:

The decisions made by the first responder can either make or break a sometimes sensitive internet/digital investigation. This 8 hour program will address the patrol response which is crucial in the handling of complaints and investigations related to internet based crimes, i.e. Fraud, Sexting, Cyberbullying, Sex Predators, Stalking etc.

This Webinar format allows the first responder to be in the comforts of their own home and or police agency.  It is recommended that the Patrol Officer attending this class should have a direct internet connection and NOT a wireless connection.


Instructional Objectives:

Upon completion of the training exercises, participants will:

  • Obtain the basic overview of Craigslist, EBay, Facebook, Form Spring, Various email services, Google, YouTube, Dating Services, Snapchat and Instagram.

  • To search a live hard drive for pictures and videos.

  • How to detect if software based key logging software is attached to the computer.

  • Obtain crucial information in Internet/Computer Fraud Cases.

  • Understand how to obtain IP’s, screen names, email headers, Social Networks

  • User I.D. Banking information and Cell Phone data for the initial report.

  • Various laws concerning Internet Crime such as Computer Tampering, Stalking, Computer Fraud, Identity Theft, Harassment through Electronic Communication, Sexting, Indecent Solicitation of a Child, Sexual Exploitation of a Child and Child Pornography.

  • Overview of computer and cell phone forensics and when it is appropriate to seize these items from a victim or a suspect to be analyzed.

  • The differences in charging Harassment through Electronic Communication and Cyber-Stalking.

  • Procedures involved in obtaining a Stalking No Contact Civil Order of Protection.