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How Do I Know?

A Parents Guide to Detect Vaping, Alcohol and Drug Use.

An unforgettable, thought-provoking presentation that provides teens and their parents insight and education exposing the use of vaping and the accidental road to addiction.  From Middle School to High School Students, The “How Do I Know?” program, boldly outlines challenges teens face every day. The drug abuse epidemic has continued to grow nationwide in ways we’ve never seen before.  The potency of these drugs, and their availability in our communities and schools is staggering.  We owe it to our children, and ourselves to learn the telling signs and proactive strategies to protect our families and communities from falling victim.  Our experienced team of Law Enforcement and drug abuse clinicians truly care about their audience.  


These presenters have the proven knowledge and resources to beat addiction.  We will stay at your event until the last person leaves.

  • This presentation is one of a kind and it offers real solutions for students and parents.

  • Our team clinicians will discuss in the middle school and high schools the dangers of addiction.

  • We will discuss how “Vaping” and “Weed” are the gateway to more potent drugs

  • The students are given a life’s lesson in addiction and how it can be fatal.

  • The Parents Presentation discusses how parents will know if student is involved with drugs.

  • Monitoring technology leads to knowledge of drug use.

  • In home drug testing discussions with teens.

  • Powerful and accessible addiction resources are given to all who attend.

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