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Law Enforcement Consulting Packages

The Most Robust and Effective Law Enforcement Technology Consulting Package Available.

  • Unlimited  Juvenile Justice Online (Juvenile Restorative Justice Program) Diversion Codes for 1 year.

  • 1 year access to Be Sure Consulting’s 15-minute Roll Call Training Video:  “Patrol Response to Internet Crime”

  • Laminated  “Internet Crime Response” cheat-sheets outlining, step-by-step, in detail, what items of evidence to collect when Investigating Internet Crime.

  • 1 Parent Presentation: Teaching Internet Safety/Child Safety on and off digital devices.

  • 1 Live Webinar Training for Law enforcement and School Officials entitled:

  • “Cyber-Bullying and Sexting Investigations with Appropriate Consequences”

  • 2 Student Presentations: “Teaching Responsible Digital Activity and Online Safety”.

  • 1 Student Internet Safety Power Point to be used by Law Enforcement personnel in their own trainings.

  • 1 Parent Internet Safety Power Point to be used by Law Enforcement personnel in their own trainings.

  • 1 Full Day of Drug Abuse Awareness Training: up to 2 Student in school sessions and 1 night session of

  • “The Cop and The Convict” a powerful presentation for parents and children outlining signs and symptoms of drug abuse, their affects, prevention and treatment options.  Presenters stay until every question is answered.   

  • Be Sure Law Enforcement and Consulting Services will assist with up to 4 incidents per year concerning Sexting, Cyber-Bullying, Sextortion, Computer Tampering, SWATTING, Sexual Exploitation, as well as any other cyber investigation and to be a liaison with your Law Enforcement agency.  This provides invaluable “On the Job” real-world training for your officers and detectives, dramatically improving your departments ability to respond to the ever-growing field of cyber crime.


Please contact us to learn more.         
In addition we provide access to Be Sure Consulting’s network of Partners, providing experienced and trusted Cell Phone and Computer Forensic Examination services available to your agency with under a 30-day turnaround time.  (The cost of these services is not included in our package).


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