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New Research from Thorn and the CCRC


Sextortion is an emerging form of online abuse, but little is known about it. In an effort to better understand this threat and its impact on children, teens, and young adults, Thorn partnered with the Crimes Against Children Research Center (CCRC) at the University of New Hampshire to conduct a first of its kind online survey of 1,631 persons ages 18 to 25 that have been targets of sextortion.


What is Sextortion?

Sextortion involves threats to expose a sexual image in order to make a person do something or for other reasons, such as revenge or humiliation. Perpetrators are often current, former or would-be romantic or sexual partners attempting to harass, embarrass and control victims.

BeSure Consulting is tirelessly committed to educating Children, Parents, and Law Enforcement on the growing threat of Sextortion, it's prevention and the new challenges that lay ahead.  To learn more about Sextortion and it's impact please visit our friends at Thorn

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