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Training PROVEN to prevent school violence.

Find your training below or contact us to schedule a training today.

SRO training makes an incredible impact.

Find your training below or contact us to schedule a training today.

"I vividly remember the stress and uncertainty that existed around the “safe schools” issue after Columbine... I always had the gnawing feeling that it was really a “shot in the dark” and we were dependent on pure luck to avoid a terrible tragedy. 


When I attended your training last week, for the first time I saw a process and a plan that really had a great probability of stopping most cases of school shooting and violence...  I want to share your process with as many school districts and police departments as possible." 

Charles Pike

Retired Principal

Riverview Community High School

SRO Training Available

Live Instruction:

Identifying and Intercepting
School Violence through Cyber-Investigation

Course Length:
16 Hours, 2 Days

Contact: Tom Karnes, former National Exchange Club President,
at (313) 999-7429 or today.
Course Flier
Course Evaluations

Target Group:

Patrol Officers, Detectives, Resource Officers, Probation and States Attorney's, School Principals, School Administrators and School Deans.


Detective Richard Wistocki

Method of Inst:

In person 


Instructional Objectives:
Upon completion of the training exercises, participants will:

  • Learn why it is important NOT to disregard information given to LEO or school officials.

  • Understand what the term “Leakage” means and how we can interpret the information.

  • Learn about free and open source online investigative tools.

  • Know items of cyber evidence needed to successfully identify suspects who post online threats.

  • Learn the three-step process in investigating internet crimes.

  • Learn the importance of Preservation, Exigent Circumstances and Search Warrants if needed.

  • Learn how to obtain IP's, screen names, screen captures, and email headers

  • Outline state laws covering; Terrorist Threat, Falsely Making a Terrorist Threat, Swatting and Causing a Catastrophe.

  • Once suspect is identified, importance of search warrant, arrest, interrogation and mental health evaluation.

  • We will examine a successful cyber-crime case study investigation from start to Finish.

IMPORTANT please read carefully: The attending Officer/School Official will need the following items to attend.
1. Computer with internet connection (ensure your computer is turned on early incase it requires updates)
2. Be able to access your WORK email remotely from your computer.
3. Be able to download Snagit on a free trial
4. Be able to download the Search.erg Investigative toolbar
search-investigative-and-forensic-tool bar/

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