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I would like to share with you our new Roll Call Training entitled "Protecting Those Who Protect"  This training gives an in depth look at what occurs at Transformations First Responders Treatment facility.

Below you will find the brochure that we could send you to give to your people for reference.

Transformations has 3 levels of training for your department:

1. You can send these downloads and links to all of your first responders to give them the information.

2. You can elect to formally do the Roll Call Training and we could send you the actual brochures to pass out before you play the video

3. The Transformations First Responder Training Team can come to your facility for an in service training to present the material as well as be the contact for anyone who is struggling to walk them and command staff/union personnel through the process. You can view our footage of the properties associated with Transformations First Responder Roll Call Training so your brothers and sisters know exactly what is involved and they no longer have to suffer in silence.

First Responders Brochure

Thanks again for being proactive in getting our brothers and sisters, in the first responder community, a chance to deal with their PTSD, Alcoholism or Prescription Drug Abuse BEFORE they lose their Jobs, their families, their pensions and sometimes their lives. We look forward to your reply and collaboration in an effort to save as many first responders as we possibly can.

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