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This is a program for Junior High School Students from 6th grade to 8th grade. In today’s society, teens are becoming younger and younger when using the internet and cell phones. We need to make our children understand the dangers of certain behaviors while using the internet.


  • The children will learn how a predator works.

  • They will learn the dangers of making online friends

  • They will learn the dangers of file sharing and downloading things with out parental permission.

  • They were learn how to be good cyber citizens.

  • We will discuss how their cell phone applications can be dangerous.

  • Detective Wistocki will role play with them and ask them what they would do in certain situations.

  • They will learn why they need to trust their parents of they or a friend of theirs is in an uncomfortable situation.

  • They will come to understand that nothing online in anonymous.

  • They will learn how Cyber Bullying effects children.

  • We will discuss the dangers of sharing in appropriate pictures and how it will effect the rest of their lives.

  • Open Questions




In this presentation, Detective Wistocki will bring the harsh realities of Internet predators, Sexting and Cyber Bullying to the forefront. The students will hear actual cases involving teens their age and how these teens fall prey to internet predators.



  • Discussions on Cyber-Bullying and how “No one online is anonymous”

  • How to report Cyber-Bullying issues

  • Be careful what you post, what college coaches are looking at

  • Cleaning up your social network

  • New tools on Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, ooVoo, Omegle and Stickam

  • The dangers of posting photos to Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat

  • The dangers of File Sharing and Bit Torrent

  • How Internet Investigations are conducted using subpoenas and search warrants

  • Discussions of safe phone applications and not so safe applications

  • Understand the laws that cover social media such as Harassment, Cyber-Stalking and False Impersonation

  • Open Forum Questions

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