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With The Cyber Safe Schools Video Series. Educate and empower your Administration, Faculty, Parents and Students with a streaming video subscription they can watch anytime, anywhere on their phones, tablets or computer.  Award Winning Trainer, TEDx Speaker and Child Cyber Crimes Expert Det. Richard Wistocki (Ret.) unmasks the hidden dangers your students interact with everyday.  With almost 6 hours of content divided into short 5 to 15 min videos this video series goes beyond providing insight and education it provides tools and resources to reduce cyber-bullying and social network incidents that will dramatically transform your school.  

Students Empower students to safely navigate their online lives and to limit their exposure to poor choices by learning proven best practices. These videos can be assigned as e-learning homework, played in class or used as a vital resource for students who may be suffering in silence as a result of cyber-bullying or sextortion.  Presented as a curriculum the series comes with digital worksheets for students. 

Parents For parents and guardians raising children of all ages.   Focused on breaking down the technological walls that today’s children live behind. This series outlines best practices and proactive measures families can take to keep children on the right path and protect their digital footprint. Videos in English and Spanish.

School Faculty Instructs Faculty how to respond when a child discloses Sexual Abuse, Sextortion and Cyber-Bullying incidents.  This series educates faculty on the “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to dealing with students on social media and how to address complex situations when they arise.  These topics will cover mandated reporting, the cyber tip line and guidelines for the personal social networks of faculty and staff.

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